BSB Marine

Robotic innovation

Founded in 2018, BSB is a pioneer in machine vision and artificial intelligence at sea.
The company’s OSCAR product range uses lowlight and thermal cameras in combination with an extensive database of marine objects and artificial intelligence to detect any object in the vicinity of yachts and ships. OSCAR’s augmented situational awareness can be used for collision avoidance, perimeter surveillance, person overboard situations and object tracking. BSB employs a staff of 35 in its offices in France, Austria and Portugal. 

OSCAR stands for Optical System for Cognition And Ranging and is the first AI based system, available on the market . It alerts you of any floating obstacle on your course – large and small – day and night. 

The OSCAR systems are designed to detect hazards that cannot be detected by radars, AIS or sonar. As a result OSCAR prevents collisions with any potential threat a vessel can encounter at sea. Be it other vessels, unidentified floating objects such as logs, buoys or containers, as well as sleeping sea mammals. The system alerts the crew of any potential danger and tracks the position and distance of that threat.


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