Clutch Rayn Esport

E-sport team

Clutch Rayn Esport is a startup specialized in the production of streaming emission. The company has its own gaming house located in the city of Lyon where the IAD (Intellectual and Artistic Department) designs and produces shows dedicated to Twitch/Youtube, for a wide range of streamers. In parallel, the CR House, has at the disposal of professional E-sport teams a Bootcamp space, where professional gamers from all around the world, can benefit a professional experience for their training sessions and competitions.  Since September, the company has been incubated at the level 256 of Paris &Co and is now financially sponsored by the BPI.

 In 2019, Clutch Rayn started its story as an E-port club. The experience acquired in that ecosystem, enabled the company to develop a large network and skills related to the streaming industry (Twitch). Nowadays, Clutch Rayn has evolved and is now a company specialized in the production of out of the box shows for streamers. To increase the experience of its customers, Clutch Rayn is accompanied by the IAD (Intellectual and Artistic Department) in charge of the design and the production of the shows.


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We build the e-sport & streaming entertainment of tomorrow via our Gaming House in Lyon.
Named “CR house”, these offices are spread into two parts : (1) Production studio, (2) Gaming House, where players can play, sleep, and eat as an AirBnB.

We organized a tournament for the best players in France and Europe. The last one took place in Lyon, with the 100 best players of Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Nintendo games).

Clutch Rayn Esport is part of the third promotion of Level 256, Paris & Co, and opened new offices in Paris, France.