Horse Development

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Horse Development is a marketing agency focused on the equine industry, based in France. Since 2012, we support large companies or SMEs in France and Europe for the development of their activities in horse industry in various sectors: Horse races, equestrian sports, equestrian leisures, tourism industry…

Our clients are: Suppliers linked to the equine industry, Laboratories, start-up and sometimes territories … We are specialized in market studies but we also do advice and create some formations for our clients.

The equine sector, particularly in France, is complex, to do business in, you need to know it precisely or to be accompanied by a consultant specialized in.

Horse Development as a strategic and marketing consultant knowing well various equine industries, can accompany you for developing your business.

We use to create custom made market studies depending on our clients needs. We have a large network to make sure our studies are relevant.

We can help you to develop a new product or service, a new geographical market, to ameliorate your position in the market, to better know your clients … Don’t hesitate to submit your problem or needs to us.


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  • 2021, Caen, France. Study for the EquuRES Label : sustainable development for horse industry actors.
  • 2021, Lyon, France : Study for an innovative approach to treat equine fourbure.
  • 2020, City of St-Lô, France. Study dedicated to the strategy of the equine activities in town.
  • 2020, Vittel, France : Study for an innovation in Horse Nutrition.
  • 2020, Dijon, France : Perspectives for the equine nutrition additives market.
  • 2019, Paris, France : Study dedicated to the market of fertilization in horse firms
  • 2019, Lyon, France : Study for an innovation in horse farrier industry.