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From POM CORP to the POMOIL Diffuser System …

POMCORP is a French start-up whose main concern and the driving force behind its innovations is the well-being of your Animal !

Dedicated to Horses, Dogs, Cats and Camels, its star Diffuser to clip, the POMOIL, is the natural alternative of first order to medical treatments and allows to fight thanks to its Synergies of specific essential oils against stress and anxiety, pain and rheumatism, respiratory diseases …

Eco-responsible, our entire process of innovative development and distribution is based on French Expertise in close collaboration with our veterinary and aromatherapist partners.

The POMOIL® Diffuser System is the result of advanced research conducted by POM CORP in terms of resistance and reliability in its principle of optimized diffusion of the associated essential oil synergies.

This “olfactotherapeutic*” know-how and its 11 grams of refined design make POMOIL the accessory that guarantees the effectiveness of the care of our Horses, Dogs, Cats and Camels.

Eco-responsible, POM CORP® develops a 100% French production and contributes to a short and qualitative production chain with local partners and actors.

*Developed with and validated by qualified Aromatherapists



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