Horse & rider accessories

The meeting between specialists in the sports industry and demanding riders, all passionate about the sport, gave birth to Rid’Up an innovative Industrial Equestrian product company. 

It’s quality and expertise are recognised in the world of horse riding thanks to our products which combine safety, comfort, and design.

Rid’Up has received several awards for its skills in terms of innovations with its stirrup and stirrup leather sheats at the Paris Horse Show, and for its design by winning “l’Observateur du Design” star.

The automatic system of our safety stirrup ranges, patented by Look Cycle, a well-known company in the sports industry, allows them to be disengaged from the stirrup leathers to ensure the safety of our riders by limiting the risks of being dragged by the horse in the event of certain falls.

All this in a comfortable stirrup to increase their performance, hence our slogan: “Safety and Comfort for Performance”.

All our products are made in France.


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