Run Motion

Running application

RunMotion Coach is a running coaching application which help runners to reach their goals, whether it is start running, running their first marathon or improve their personal record on any distance.

It provides runners with personalised training experience and training plans made by an artificial intelligence.

RunMotion Coach has been created by high level runners and scientists. The application is the official coach of major running events and collaborate with running brands.
RunMotion Coach is available in English, French and Spanish.

RunMotion Coach helps events to propose personalised training to their registered runners. It enhances participants’ experience from their registration until the day of the event: a runner happy with his performance will be more eager to enjoy the race and share this to their friends.
RunMotion Coach also collaborates with running brands to offer a personalised training to the customers who purchase the brand’s products.



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RunMotion Coach has been collaborating with major events: UTMB Mont-Blanc, MaXi-Race, Lausanne Marathon, Annecy Marathon, Chambery Marathon, Montpellier Marathon,…
RunMotion Coach also collaborated with brands like Altra, CEP, Craft, Garmin,…