Localisation watersports activities

Spotyride was born in 2018. The goal, to stand out from all competition and create the Application to make all water enthusiasts dream. Creating an application that would be used to geolocate favorite nautical sports spots, but also to support structures in their digital transformation was our goal.

Indeed, the world moves very quickly, and the managers of structures do not have the time to devote themselves to the creation of websites, or quite simply to manage their structures via networks. This is where Spotyride comes in with its “S.A.A.S” module. A nice recipe that today allows structures to access a fully dedicated personalized page, where they can update photos, videos, prices, reservations, events and many other things, and to connect to a real-time community, which they will be able to address 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SPOTYRIDE: the digital solution of all the best water sports  spots and  aquatic and nautical activities in your pocket 

You want to organize a canoe outing with your family, treat yourself to a wakeboard run with your friends, surf the most beautiful wave at sunset, find a diving club at your vacation spot or give your friend an e-foil experience getting married in a few days? 

Save time: take out your smartphone, tablet, computer… download the Spotyride app or visit! In 2 clicks and 1 glance you will know where to go paddling, rowing, swimming, diving, surfing, riding! Take out your best boardshorts or bikini (don’t forget the towel and sunscreen!). Wherever you are in the world, whatever your desire for aquatic and nautical sports, your level, your age… you will find the right spot, the best activity, the right club, everything is on our unique platform in the world.


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Over 900 referenced structures in France

Over 40 referenced structures in Portugal 

Over 30 referenced structures in Morocco

Over 2000 referenced structures worldwide