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Mountain equipment

A story of passionate people dedicated to make their playground accessible to anyone. TSL it is 40 years of product innovation, 40 years of sharing experiences, and 40 years of creating snowshoes history in Europe. TSL is the reference snowshoes brand and the snowshoes leader on the European market.

We’ve built our company from the ground up in the heart of the French Alps (Annecy-France).. The mountains are our natural habitat, our passion, our source of inspiration, and our laboratory. We care about sustainable development and we’reaware of how fragile our environment is. This is why we keep an eye on our production and on its impact on the environment by manufacturing our products in the Alps, in France (Snowshoes, Poles, Sleds, Yooner…).

For 40 years, TSL Outdoor’s team has been sharing its love of mountains, outdoor life and nature discovering. TSL Outdoor is more than just products, it’s a free spirit, a way of life…

TSL, The Savoyard company, based in the heart of the Alps, offers a full range of outdoor products with an outfit for everyone like snowshoes, sleds, trekking poles, trail poles or nordic walking poles made in France.




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