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Since 1991 we dedicate ourselves to develop surfboards and productions for our customers all over the world. The strength of our company is based on the fact that everything is possible, there are no boundaries. SHAPERS CLUB is a progressive French based company committed to providing quality surfboards to European Surfing Community. UWL was formed to produce the best surfboards possible for the European market and with this always as our primary goal we continued to do so until now, where UWL has become the most established and successful surf company in France today. It’s also the meeting point of world class shapers.

We invite dozens of internationally renowned shapers and designers to the workshop for a couple of weeks a year.
We Offer the best of the shaping and surfing culture worldwide to French and European surfers. With our team of master craftsmen surfboards, we build an unequalled level of quality. Today, with 1,000 hand-made surfboards built per year, UWL remains the leader and a French reference in surfboard manufacturing.
Production increased year after year, so we created one of the largest and most modern surf factory in Europe.


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