Shin pads

VBKAM designs, relying on industrial partners, and markets through
the world of football, elastic retainers, patented shin guards, custom shin guards, and smart shin guards. These allow the collection,
analysis and restitution of performance indicators. All under the brand international Tibtop and 100% made in France.
The Tibtop® project led by the company VBKAM provides an innovative, relevant and original on the market. Firstly, by modernizing and optimizing the production of plastic injection shin protection. Then, by developing solutions embedded technology.

The installation of intelligent tibia protection provides
added value for individual customers, such as professionals. VBKAM aims to “disrupt” the technological equipment market at intended for sports football players by equipping its Tibtop shin guard with intelligent and high-performance electronic components allowing any user (professional or private) to measure and analyze their sporting skills serious and reliable way.


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