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Created in 1994, SPORSORA is a unique organization that brings together the French leading experts in Sports business & Sports marketing in France. We concentrate our field of expertise on the social & economic impact of Sports investment through sponsorship, media rights and major events. 

Our members and partners are key stakeholders such as brands, agencies, medias, event organizers, infrastructure owners, sports associations, cities and government, i.e., more than 230 companies and 1200 people from the sports ecosystem (advertisers, agencies, media…).

SPORSORA is the reference organization for thinking and influencing the development of the sports economy, thanks to 4 main types of activities:

  • The organization of events (Garden Party, SPORSORA Sports Marketing Awards…)
  • The work in Colleges and Committees (Transversal committees deal with subjects shared by all our members / Colleges are laboratories of ideas and sharing on sports marketing).
  • The access to numerous services (newsletters, weekly press review, members’ news on the website…)
  • Influencing decision-makers (Bring the voice of our collective to public decision-makers)


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