L’Arçonnerie Française


The company, founded in 1856, was first engaged in the manufacture of brush-making and full-wood saddle trees. In 1900, the Universal Fair of Paris was a real springboard for the company, thanks to the signing of an important contract with the French Army to equip the saddles of the French Cavalry. The company will make this product its specialty.

After more than 160 years dedicated to the manufacture of custom-made saddle trees for high-end riding saddles, the company, a fifth-generation family run business, continues to evolve by innovating and investing, to be always more efficient and meet market’s need.


165 years of experience in production and collaborations with the best saddlers, laboratories, veterinarians, riders and our suppliers

have allowed us to acquire a unique labeled know-how and to have more than 1000 templates at our disposal.

We produce for each saddler, according to his needs, models of trees for the realization of saddles of character, efficient, comfortable and durable, adapted to the rider while respecting the comfort and health of the horse.

Bespoke trees are handmade, series ones, numerical controlled.



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