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Ekico is a French company that develops digital assistance tools dedicated to equine veterinarians for the objectivation of the horse locomotion. The team now supports more than 140 equine health professionals around the world thanks to its digital technologies.
Since 2016, the co-founders of Ekico have joined forces with the expertise of veterinarians specialized in horse locomotion to develop the smart and easy gait analysis tool : the Tendiboots (connected horse boots with mobile app).
Supporting equine veterinarians in their expertise in the digital age for the well-being and health of the horse is the priority of the young company.

Ekico has developed the Tendiboots, connected horse boots that work with a mobile application. They provide objective information in just a few seconds on the horse’s locomotion, and monitor its evolution over time. This technology combines the complexity of artificial intelligence with the ease of use of (almost) classic boots. The Tendiboots have been trained for years with the expertise of veterinarians specialized in locomotor monitoring of the horse, and continue to learn constantly to remain at the highest level of performance every day.


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Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst, Wachtberg, Germany
Dr Kerry Pride, Helena , USA