Horse & rider accessories

RACER is a history, a heritage, a know-how and a style that are the permanent pillars of the brand and irrigate both the development of products and the approach to markets and consumers.
Convinced that the ready-to-wear glove could be transposed to other fields, the managers have shaped a corporate DNA where innovation holds a predominant place and which will remain the essential element of RACER’s identity and differentiation.

Since its beginnings in 1927, RACER® has developed and manufactured several thousand gloves with the same high standards: comfort, elegance and quality. Empirically focused on skiing, Racer extended its exceptional know-how and met new requirements: those of equestrians. The expertise of our workshops and constant research on the latest textile innovations have enabled us to develop a collection of technical gloves, at the crossroads of heritage and excellence. Designed like a real second skin, the glove is comfortable and durable.


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