West Island

Horse & rider accessories

West Island, a young French horse ridingbrand, has been creating Fixity® socks since 2018.

These innovative (and patented) socks offer riders an alternative to traditional equipment such as leather boots and chaps. Designed to allow riders to ride just in boots or trainers (for endurance), they protect the inside of the calf and improve contact. They meet a need that no product had met until now and offer a new possibility to all riders.

West Island’s ambition: to develop “simple”, unconnected innovations, made in France.

Fixity® socks are unique.

They combine:

  • A unique model, designed by West Island and a unique composition offering exceptional resistance.
  • A silicone zone: an innovation giving them unique technical properties.

West Island relies on two French know-how:

Ø Hosiery: a French tradition for inimitable quality.

Ø Silicone engineering: using a technique created for West Island.


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Fixity® socks are West Island’s only product to date.

They are available in 4 sizes and 7 colors. They have already been sold in 8 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States (Florida), Switzerland, Japan.

Personalization is possible from 500 pairs. Allow a minimum of 3 months to integrate it into the production schedule.