Le Nouvel Ecuyer

Horse & rider accessories

Le Nouvel Écuyer develops solutions and technologies dedicated to the well-being and performance of the horse and rider.

Specialising in the analysis of pressure distribution on the horse’s back, our first product is the new generation pressure sensor mat, to be placed under the saddle and its monitoring applications.

The tool and its applications are intended for equestrian professionals: saddlers, ergonomists, riding teachers, veterinarians, professional riders…

Our technology is dedicated to horse riding. The 576 sensors brings your analysis to a precision never reached. It brings visibility and highlights problems that human eyes can’t see.
Very easy to use, resistant, wireless, and developped specificly for the equestrian world, our smart mat is the new companion of our customers.

They improve their analysis, they easily share their insights with their riders. It opens a new vision about the rider-saddle-horse interactions.


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