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EKIN is a reliable and sustainable company who manufactures 100% natural and biodegradable horse care products. EKIN exists since 2015 and have more than 10 000 customers in Europe. Information and transparency are part of EKIN’s DNA, which is why we wanted to test the properties and effectiveness of two of our products that meet the important expectations of owners to relieve their horses. The results of tests carried out by the Lyon Veterinary School proved the effectiveness of EKIN products (EKIN Skin Repair Balm, EKIN Anti-Crevasse and Mud Scabies Ointment)

The quality of EKIN products is not a matter of chance:  As a French manufacturer, we control the entire design process. Our specific research in the formulation is based on the principles of green chemistry. It brings a real progress in the field of animal cosmetic formulation in terms of pollution prevention at source by avoiding the production of residues. EKIN’s range of anhydrous products is the only one biodegradable. EKIN has been awarded for its innovations: sun protection and waterproof insect repellent.


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France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain