Cryo Manufacturing

Cryotherapy booth

Cryo Manufacturing is the 1st French designer and manufacturer of cryotherapy cabins.

Based in the Paris region CRYO MANUFACTURING studies, designs, manufactures and maintains individual partial body cryotherapy rooms (Nitrogen) and whole body cryotherapy rooms (Electric). So far, we are the only company nitrogen cabins and electric mono chamber.
Thanks to our industrials processes, we are able to produce a lot of equipment per month for France and worldwide.

We design and assemble all of our cryotherapy equipment in our factory in Coulommiers, France. The internal seam of our equipment is handmade and can be removed for easy cleaning. All machines are durably tested according to very specific test protocols before shipment and installation. On the national territory, all the machines are installed by our team.


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  • Everlast Gym (United Kingdom)
  • UFC Gym (France)
  • Cryo Point (Germany and France)
  • CryoFast (France)
  • Soccer clubs (England)
  • Professional and semi-professional rugby clubs (France)
  • Luxury hotels (France: Molitor / abroad: Atlantide in Dubai)