Sport & leisure equipment

Digi-Sports ®, a French start-up since 2015, inoperating in the event industry and provides a Entertainment and sportive solution through its unique and innovative interactive wall.
« one product, multiple activities »

We can switch as you want to soccer, tennis, basketball, golf, hockey and many other sports. But also different entertainement games, strategy, memory, or test your reactions such as a goalkeeper or a pilot.

Our client target is very large and goes from the corporate world to sporting events mainly, but we also developed partnerships with municipalities, event agencies, shopping malls, associations etc. Our solutions offer the possibility of a real ON SITE FAN EXPERIENCE, a real brand activation, to create rebound marketing and to offer the possibility of managing DATA collection while dynamically managing audience flows.
You are a company and you want to create links, seek the leadership of your employees and share a fun moment, we are the TEAM BUILDING solution


Our strength

  • our ability to adapt to create tailor-made for our customers
  • create sharing between participants
  • and  to spread positive emotions, smiles and laughs all over the place by means of the wall.


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We have worked and developed our concept in 9 countries around the world ( France ,Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Arab Emirates, Morocco, Germany and now CANADA)

We have participated over the course of the last 6 years to the most prestigious sporting events whatever the disciplines ; from tennis to cycling to soccer…. French soccer Federation,Roland-Garros , Tour de France,  Paris St Germain, FIFA Museum, UEFA FINAL , different Federation  Handisport, FFF, FFRugby, FFTennis … an average of 300 days of events per year (be side the Covid period obwiously) last 20 months , setting up a safety Covid  process which allowed us to organize 150 event