Gregori International

Turf specialist

Founded in 1971, Gregori International has 50 years of experience in designing exceptional outdoor sports grounds and landscape planning. The company has also become a key player in the field of sports turfs. Specialised in the implementation of turnkey and fast‐track projects Gregori International’s teams are mobilised on construction sites around the world, even in the most remote locations and in the most adverse conditions (salt, wet or arid environments) to meet the specific expectations of each of our customers in the shortest time.

They are involved in 6 sectors of activity:

  • Sports field (football, rugby, cricket, baseball…)
  • Turnkey stages
  • Golf courses
  • Landscaping and green spaces
  • Equestrian tracks and surfaces
  • Rehabilitation of sites (landfills, mining sites)


Gregori International is a specialist in the construction and renovation of sports fields, with over 50 years of experience and expertise in growing techniques for natural turf as well as the installation of synthetic turf. From the Olympics and the Africa Cup of Nations, to the Cricket World Cup, major sports governing bodies have relied on our expertise and quality of services to deliver world-class projects.

Turnkey services:

  • Agronomic and technical evaluations
  • Turnkey project management
  • Fast track projects
  • Design & build services
  • The renovation and upgrading of existing pitches
  • Advise and guidance in order to optimize full playing potential
  • Maintenance and preparation for play


Specific services:

Earthworks, levelling, drainage, installing irrigation systems,

grassing, the FIBERsoil Process, maintenance etc.


International standards and regulations:




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