Interactive games

NeoXperiences offers an innovative technological solution that encourages and diversifies the practice of sports in a fun and friendly way, through entertainment and immersion. The interactive playgrounds developed by NeoXperiences, halfway between sports and video games, allow everyone to renew the sporting experience, whatever their age or level of physical fitness.

The principle is simple: the player selects a game from among different universes. Then they play life-size video games projected on the wall using balls or accessories. All without helmets or equipment.


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Since the launch in early 2020 and despite covid, NeoXperiences has 50+ operational units in 6 countries (EU & Africa) and 1,5 M+ players expected for 2022.

Our main customers are:

  • Leisure: FEC, kid playgrounds, Leisure & trampoline parks, holiday village & resorts
  • Shopping and event: shopping malls, event agencies, brands (event)
  • Sport and health: sports centres, stadium (event) and clubs, MISE, LFP referencing
  • Institutional: cities, schools and universities

Our key achievements are:

  • Sport Centres (“Arthur Ashe” in Montreuil and “Centre sportif” in Normandy) : location-based sport/entertainment and nomadic solution, hospitality and events with athletes
  • Universities (Caen / Paris Saclay & Descartes – Sciences & Sports): R&D and student training
  • Professional Football Club: Hospitality and Fan zone events