Combat Sports Equipment

We are a French manufacturer involved since 2003 in the combat sports market, providing equipment and solutions regarding combat sports areas. We are established in Treillières, near the city of Nantes, in the west of France. Created during the early years of the company, the foldable boxing ring is SportCom’s flagship product and is also a symbol of the company as it represents our desire to always innovate and provide the best solution to our customer’s need.

From the beginning, SportCom has proven itself on the market of fighting sports equipment, especially thanks to the creation of the foldable boxing ring, a patented invention, which helped SportCom to show its first assets. Over the years, SportCom’s savoir-faire has developed with the creation of a design office in order to adapt our products to the rooms and the needs of the customers, and also by working with important actors of the field like the International Boxing Association, or the Olympic Games.


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  • Fitness Park
  • On air Clermont Jaude
  • Temple du Noble Art, Paris, France
  • Villa M, Paris, France
  • UFC Gym, Nottingham, United-Kingdom
  • Gracie Barra, Birmingham, United-Kingdom
  • Clays, Berlin, Germany