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Digital tools & Auto-follow cameras

MOVE’N SEE Digital tools & Auto-follow cameras MOVE ’N SEE is based in France, close to the beach on the west coast, in a cluster of about 200 high-tech companies and world-renowned labs. Attentive customer service, technological excellence, and immoderate love for sports, stage, and video: this is our DNA!

  • 70 countries equipped with our robots.
  • 1st auto-follow camera in the world.
  •  Official Training Support Device of United States Equestrian Federation since 2018  94% export sales With Pixio & Pixem for individual sports and speakers and Pix4team for team sports, make more videos with your own robotic camera!

Faster progress, better coaching, more communication, more business, more souvenirs, no more boring static videos… and increase visibility, grow your community and engage fan!

  • Automatic filming
  • Live streaming
  • Remote Coaching With Pixlive stream your game with a scoreboard, ads from your sponsors, audio comments from someone else, and even a switcher to film the game from different angles with 2 or 3 smartphones!

We create cool and exciting digital video services, mobile apps and auto-follow
cameras for athletes of all stripes and speakers on stage. From the greatest sports
competitors and professional speakers to amateurs. We invent, create and deliver
products designed for passions we share with you; Just like you, sport is a big part of
our life at high-level or as amateur. Just like you, we teach, we give conferences, and
just like you we think that more videos means more interest, more performance and
more engagement.


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70 countries equipped with our robots (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan…)